Monday, October 18, 2010

Time Flies When You're Not Sleeping

I bet a few of you are wondering if I just gave up and quit on this project huh? No... fortunately not. I'm just still in a mode of working so hard that I haven't stopped to smell the wet paint. Let's see... where do we stand:

- Staircase woodwork done, painting and polyurethane around stairs starts today
- Bathroom vanity and counter top in, fixtures sitting there waiting for install (bathroom floor tile was done a while ago, can't remember if I threw that in)
- Laundry room upstairs first coat of paint done
- New master bedroom closets have doors, the insides are painted, and the shelves and such were completed in those last night

Expected this week: Stairway completely done, final plumbing complete, laundry room paint complete, laundry tile floor started, master bedroom paint started. Yah, that sounds like a lot to me too. I might bag a day out of work to try and actually pull it off... we'll see.

I'll snap a few shots of the bathroom and master bedroom work as soon as I can. Better yet I'll make Elana do it :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

At least I have a fallback career

If I ever get fed up with corporate America I think I can still fall back on over- charging people for home improvement stuff that they're incapable of doing. And by incapable I typically mean afraid of because it turns out that 99% of handyman type of work is really not very hard in practice, but understanding what to do is so scary to many people that they just hire someone at $100 an hour. Either that or they only have 5 minutes available in their day to eat, sleep, and shower so they are forced to hire someone or it never gets done. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yah... me in the front yard with a big ass tile saw (really, I was talking about that).

The bathroom got tiled yesterday and the facebookers of the world even saw some rare photo evidence. Hopefully I can get the grout in tonight so then I'm not holding up the plumbers anymore. Dad starts the finish staircase today so we'll see how that goes.

And on the photo thing, I know it's become a running joke now, but typically when I upload photos to google from home, it takes an obnoxiously long time to even do a batch of 5 pictures. I either need to size them down or get a better computer or something, but regardless, it takes too much of the time I'm using to do the work. They will get posted eventually and if you're reading this you'll probably be invited to an open house thingy when we're done. Stay tuned...