Monday, November 29, 2010

Move In Condition

We hit a major milestone last week when we got the final signoff from the building inspector and we celebrated by moving the boys into their new rooms over the long weekend. I can't tell if it's the simple fascination of it being new or if the boys are genuinely relieved to finally have their own space, but they have been spending lots of time in their new rooms already. Tim especially enjoys that we put a lock on their bedroom doors and that they are allowed to lock it with the understanding that mom and dad have a key and can come in whenever they need to.

So you may note that I still haven't called this project "Done". There's still a few minor things needed from the contractor and more than a few things that I need to do myself. Obviously none of it is holding us up from living in the new space, but we do need to get a couple of them resolved quickly. Hopefully this week will see those getting knocked off and then we'll be on our way. We're still planning to have an open house when it's actually done, but it may need to be after the holidays now.

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