Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A promise that will hopefully not be broken

Hi again to the few people checking in here. Last night I took a whole pile of pictures of each new room because the carpeting is starting today. I figured before and after of each would be fun... asusming I post them. I am going to try super hard to not work on the house tonight but get some of the pictures loaded instead. So in words (as usual), here's the most recent accomplishments:

- Plumbing = done. All the fixtures are in, and the couple things in the basement they broke along the way are fixed.

- Tiling = done. I finished the grout on the utility room floor last night.

- Gutters = done. Still waiting on the drain/drywell though.

- General cleanup upstairs = done. Carpeting is going in as I type so everything had to be emptied out. There will be a final cleaning before we move in.

- Master bedroom: on hold until we do upstairs move-in. Half of it is done except for the extra stuff that needs to be moved out. The other half has too much stuff lingering in it to do more work. Most of it is Sam's so it's waiting for upstairs.

I think that's about it. There's a laundry list of odds and ends too and hopefully I can start checking those off. Check back soon for pictures (hopefully).

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